Rat Phobia Cure: Cook and Eat Rat

Rat Phobia Cure: Cook and Eat Rat

A recent post on Dr Hurds website answers a viewers question on overcoming phobias.

To overcome his fear of rats G. Gordon Liddy said he  cooked a rat before  eating it. Facing up to your phobia does not guarantee you will overcome it, which is why someone wanting to overcome a phobia of clowns cant always approach a man in a clown costume, the phobia pain kicks in and they in some cases run away.

Dr Hurd explains where phobics go wrong,  they say, “I will tell myself what’s irrational or mistaken about the fear.” Phobics are the first to admit their phobia is irrational but this isn’t enough to cure the phobia. The key for phobics isn’t to set negative goals “my goal is to get rid of the phobia”, Dr Hurd advises to connect the goal to something useful, worthwhile and valuable about your life. How will you benefit from overcoming your phobia? What pleasure will you receive? How will overcoming your phobia affect you positively in your life, in your career, in your relationships?

Some phobias can be very specific. One phobic of heights, could stand on a skyscraper and even take flights abroad, but couldn’t cross a local bridge. Their belief  was they had a phobia of heights, but in reality they had a phobia of a certain bridge, as it hard to have a phobia of heights and easily take a plane ride. If you can take a plane ride and your anxious about flying, you can use this same strategy to overcome your fear of bridges. Chunking down likes this opens up the possibility that you can overcome your phobia.

Hear more advice and read the whole story  at the source of the full article here: Overcome Phobias

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