Self Esteem Starts Early

Self Esteem Starts Early 

A recent post at Michigan State University encourages parents to give praise at an early to children to boost Self Esteem.

Positive self-image is the key to a successful life and increased self-esteem. A child’s self-image affects their adult life, but did you know that their self-image is highly effected from how they believe their parents views them. Some parents joke with their child saying, in a jokey way, that as an example “your dress makes you look like you ate all the birthday cake” or “you got 8 out 10 in your school quiz, what happen to the 2 wrong answers? I though this was meant to be an easy test – you must be a thick” 

We all make mistakes, in fact making mistakes is a key part of learning. When a baby says “addy” instead of “daddy” we don’t tell the baby off,  we give the baby praise encouraging it to keep trying, to keeping learning. Help them find and feel proud of their strengths, is the advice given by Michigan University. It is important to encourage their efforts when they attempt new things as well,  Children gain self-esteem when parents encourage them to work hard, finish a tough job, overcome an obstacle or acquire a new skill.

Praise goes along way. How do you feel when an employer, relative or friend thanks you for a job well done? We all like phrase from a baby who is told by the parent feeding her, “well done” to a young child learning to speak, to a professional who has completed a complex project at work.

Giving your child your undivided, focused attention makes them feel valued, as does displaying their art work, asking how their day at school was and telling others in-front of them how proud you are. None of us are mind readers, you may believe your child knows how much you love them, how you will do anything for them and how proud you are of your loved one, but the truth is we all have our own interpretation of the world and if your child lacks in confidence they may believe you feel a different way.

If you want your child to know that you love them, that you are totally and unconditionally proud of them, the easiest way to communicate this is by telling them on a regular basis. They love it when you tell them how you feel. 

Here the advice about improving your child’s self-esteem here at Michigan State University

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