Phobias are Sexist

Phobias are Sexist

A recent article on Tele-Management discuses what phobic disorders are and how they can be treated?

12% of the Population suffers from a phobia, to some degree. A fear and avoidance of some one thing, situation or object can affect you life, at the minimum making you a little anxious, and at the extreme stopping you from leaving the house or talking to anyone. But did you know that women are more likely to suffer from phobias then men?

Tele-Management goes on to say there are three kinds of phobia classifications; the most common phobia is a Specific phobia, these include the fear of spiders, heights, and even sharp objects. The phobic often knows this fear is irrational yet the situation and object, creates uncontrollable physical responses.

Social phobias include public speaking, busy shopping centres and family gatherings.  Social phobias can increase depression and low self esteem. Some social phobic’s will literally run away from potential phobic situations.

Agoraphobia is an extreme type of phobia. The fear of leaving your home as an example can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the phobic becomes isolated and secluded in their refusal to leave their environments.

Learn more about phobias and how they can be treated here: phobic disorders and how are they treated

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