Self Esteem Is Misunderstood, Isn’t It?

Self Esteem Is Misunderstood, Isn’t It?

A recent article on Self Esteem at Asian Fortune explains how Self Esteem is misunderstood.

There are three common misconceptions about self-esteem Seth Karafin explains. People will wrongly believe that you either feel good or bad about yourself. Whereas your emotions constantly change even on a daily basis, you may wake up feeling positive, only to go down stairs only to realize that your favourite cereal has been eaten by your partner, arghhh, then you look and see a photo on the wall that reminds you off a great holiday you went on together, changing your state to one of happiness.

A second misconception is that successful people don’t have self esteem issues. Having a high opinion about yourself can help you achieve success, but many famous people associated with success had low self esteem.

Parents and teachers are the cause of our low self esteem, is the third misunderstood concept on low self esteem. Our experience and beliefs shape who we are and negative teachers and parents can be a cause of the original self esteem issues, but we can all make an informed choice.  Two people growing up in the same house with the same negative parents can become two very different people, one a confident adult the other with an abundance of low self esteem. The difference is how we process what we experience, so that it shapes our future for the better.

Seth says, “Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and how those feelings affect the choices you make in everyday life.” What many are unaware of is that you can control your emotions, if you want to feel positive and confident you can access these resources from within your self. It’s not about being in a negative experience, it’s about how you react to this situation.

For a greater insight on Low Self Esteem and the common misconceptions read the article here: Self Esteem Made Easy

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