Naperville Women Cover Botox Face With Mask

Naperville Women Cover Botox Face With Mask


Naperville-sun in a recent article on female self esteem, say keeping up with joneses can be a real challenge.


There is a need for Naperville women to prove themselves. After creating a persona at high school Naperville women are going to extremes to make a name for themselves, using botox and liposuction to boost self esteem. This need to be liked by others can be damaging to yourself esteem, the crazy part is, people like people who like themselves. 


Jaslyn Singh advises to improve self esteem, “you have to connect with yourself first.” Trying  to be liked is a full time job, and as with all careers you need to take time off. Singh advises “ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen if you took your mask off. If you just let go. And if you gave yourself a break from it all.”


botox face


Self reflection can be a source for improving self esteem. Think back to the last time you were with others, did you act as yourself or did you wear your mask? Do you lie to yourself to please others? Even contradicting your own values? Are you more interested in how others perceive you, then having a good time?


Jaslyn advises, you can improve your self esteem by taking care of your health and doing things for yourself that make you happy, then everything else automatically falls into place. When you are happy with your life, others will feel your positivity about you, increasing your reputation as a nice person. It’s natural for many, so take a leaf out of their book, and enjoy your life, as everything else will just fall into place.


To read the article in full click here: Self Esteem Starts with You


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