Therapy Beats Drugs For Phobics

Therapy Beats Drugs For Phobics talk about drugs versus therapy in a recent article on phobias.

One in Five of us will struggle from some sort of mental disorder say. Excessive fears or phobias, affect not only your state of mind, but your relationships, career and social life.

As a phobic you have several choices for effective support.  Dr Posen recently quoted “Success rates run over 85 per cent” when referring to therapy over drugs. Therapy works for all types of phobias from social phobias – an excessive fear of rejection or judgement from others in social situations. Specific phobias, a fear of something specific IE a fear of dentist, animals or heights is also easily overcome using therapy. Hypnotherapy allows clients to associate positive emotions to specific phobias, creating quick and lasting changes.  

Agoraphobia is often misunderstood as a fear of open spaces, but it also describes a fear of any situation or environment where a person feels unsafe.

Many wonder how phobias are formed? Are we born with phobias or are they learnt behaviours? Dr Aileen Alegado explains, “Fear is a natural emotional response, a protective mechanism we humans put in place to recognise danger which provokes a flight or fight response. The problem is when this fear becomes illogical and excessive and affects your functioning and quality of life,” 

Phobias can be created in an instance from a fearful situation, the phobic then finds evidence to back up their new belief. A girl walks passed a garden, when unexpectedly a dog attacks her, creating instant fear. Every time to see is in contact with a dog she becomes scared. Her mind deletes the memories of cute puppies and exaggerates, viscous and  fearful hounds, increasing this belief that all dogs are going to attack her, creating a strong phobia.

Read more about phobias here: Irrational Phobias 

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