Phobic Interview Killer

Phobic Interview Killer

The Gleaner this week gave some interview advice to an interview phobic

The letter box slams shut, you pick up the letters, open one…it’s an invitation for a job interview. How do you feel happy? Excited? Nervous? or Completely Terrified? We all get nervous when it comes to job interviews, but for some their interview phobia stops them from career success, big promotions and massive pay rises.

interview phobia

Alison a reader of The Sunday Gleaner, has a terrifying phobia of job interviews. Every interviewee is afraid of job interviews to some degree, but there is a big difference between interview anxiousness and an interview phobia. The test is simple; either –  you have an interview offer, you feel nervous and you attend – this is the anxious interviewee. The phobic does it a little different. You have an interview offer, your fear is so strong that you make an excuse not to attend.

Accept the fact that you will be nervous, is the advice Gleaner give. They go on to explain the importance of preparation and practising through mock interviews. This all seems quite simple but there is power in these techniques.  Being prepared increase your confidence, the interviewer ask you question X, you think – hey, this is the question I prepared for, and then give an outstanding answer impressing the interviewer.

As with any learnt skill, repetition is the key. If you practise anything enough times you become unconsciously competent. It’s the same with job interviews if you practice enough as suggested by Gleaner, when it comes to the day of the interview you will perform well without thinking about it.

Read more about the advice given here: conquer your interview fear

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