Phobic Eats 8 Spiders

Phobic Eats 8 Spiders

Metro news this weeks explains why phobias are, well……..stupid

Your phobia to you is terrifying, but to your friends and family their hilarious, stupid and silly. John Mazerolle an author at Metro News and a phobic of lightening says “Phobias are Nothing to be ashamed Off” 

Benjamin Franklin and Neil Armstrong both had a phobia of lightening. One way to deal with this situation, Benjamin explains is to realise you real in no real danger (it’s very rare to be struck by lightening) so smile, take a deep breath and carry on.

Realising that your phobia isn’t really going to cause you harm, can be a step to overcoming your phobia. For the snake phobic, knowing that snakes local to you are passive animals can help you change the frame of your phobia which assist with your therapy.

Taking small steps can help too. The height phobic can climb a rung of a ladder each day, before long they can get to the top of the ladder without feeling fear. For some confronting fears can change how they process certain situations – if I did it once I can do it again. For others hypnotherapy is more suitable way to overcome their phobia.

Franklin, explains how the spider phobic can have the last laugh as on average we eat 8 spiders a year when we sleep. I’m not to sure if that realisation will increase or decrease the phobics fear, but the truth is, once you can look at your phobia from a different perspective, once you laugh at yourself about how silly your phobia is and once you confront your fears feeling calm and confident can make lasting positive change.

This hilarious article gives you some great tips on phobia removal, read it here: Swallowing Spiders 

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