Rejection Affects IQ

Rejection Affects IQ

Earlier this week CNN gave 5 Tips for recovering from Emotional pain

Is a rejection as painful as a physical injury? The author Guy Winch says “Getting rejected activates the same pathways in your brain that get activated when you feel physical pain.” Test subjects were asked to recall a painful memory before being seated for an IQ test and then went on to scored significantly lower then subjects who were asked to sit the test with no prior negative memory task.

Playing negative memories over and over again can be addictive and becomes a learnt behaviour. This is no good for your self esteem. Reflecting can help especially when you look at a negative situation from a different perspective or a neutral position, in this instance the memory becomes a learning tool helping you to make a more informed choice if a similar situation comes up again.

The negative movie playing over and over in your mind distorts your view of the world, creating limiting beliefs. these limiting beliefs can stop you from achieving your goals  and can have a negative affect on your self esteem. Feeling powerless is not empowering. in situations where everything has gone wrong, you need to take a step back and look at what went well. You need to learn from any mistake and make a new plan for achieving success. Edison the inventor of the  light bulb is famous for his quote “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work” after a friend recommend that he gave up this idea, as he had already failed 10000 times.

Learn more about the 5 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain  by reading  the full article here: By Guy Winch

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