Swinging Finger Cures Phobia

Swinging Finger Cures Phobia

A recent article on Self Esteem on StarDem interviews Richard Gibson  on how the new therapy EMDR cures phobias.


EMDR is the new sexy therapy treatment that everyone is talking about. EMDR therapy session last up to 90 minutes.  The therapist sits you in a chair and ask you to recall a disturbing event, while at the same time moving their finger back and forth in front of your eyes. The client follows the finger with their eyes, without moving their head. By the end of the session the negative memory doesn’t cause you any pain.

This works as your as watching a finger move across your eye-line while thinking of the past negative memory breaks the neuro pattern in your mind, as a pattern interrupt would.

Gibson who has used EMDR as a therapeutic treatment for about 400 clients suffering from depression to phobias and other associated panic disorders, has found this technique highly effective especially when the cause of the negative memory is not apparent.

Richard Gibson will explain more about EMDR in a FREE presentation later this month. To find out more click here: EMDR Treatment for Phobias 

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