Over 530 Phobias Take Your Pick

Over 530 Phobias Take Your Pick

This week MyFoxLa in their recent article explains that over 25% of the USA have a Phobia.

There are over 530 documented phobias…and counting, with females being more affected then males. Some are famous such as arachnophobia the fear of spiders. but MyFoxLa share some unheard of and very strange phobias.

“Opto-phobia” the fear of opening one’s eyes.


“homichilo-phobia”.  the fear of fog


“gerasco-phobia” the fear of growing old. 


“epi-staxio-phobia”  the fear of nose bleeds. 


 “ablutophobia”  the fear of washing or bathing.


Learn more about strange phobias here at: Wild Phobias of the World

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