Bad Hair Bad Self Esteem

Bad Hair Bad Self Esteem

This week, Yahoo Lifestyle explains the links between a bad hair day and low self esteem.

 A bad hair day can result in psychological damage that far exceeds the pain of having to suffer a day of messy hair. Recent research shows, how the state of our hair dramatically affects our mood, reducing our self esteem and self worth.

The research discovered some interesting results with eight out of 10 British women believing their supernatural strength lies in their hair. Women feel more sociable acceptable when their proud of their hair style.  Waking up with bad hair can start your day off in negativity, with females spending around four hours and 26 minutes feeling moody and depressed. 

Interestingly, bad hair days not only affects your self esteem but also affects your career with 67 per cent of women failing job interview as a result of a bad hair day.
It becomes extreme when a third of women with bad hair  ring in sick. Feeling good about the way you look will boost your self esteem. And many women rank their hair over clothes, designer labels and handbags when it comes down to what makes them feel most confident in social situations.

The way people perceive the way they look is often different to how others see you. Some women, will perceive that they look a right state, when in reality, from the admires point of view, you are a vision of beauty. In a world where praise doesn’t come easy, some women, who are told they look great today from an admire, will ultimately distort this comment, believing that the guy is taking mic, re-enforcing their limiting belief, increasing their low self esteem. 

Learn more about how bad hair affects your self esteem here: The Real Affects of a bad Hair Day 

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