Face Book is a Drug

Face Book is a Drug

This week, Brisbane Times discusses how facebook is affecting self esteem in males.

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Self Esteem issues resulting from social media pressure is known for its affect on girls. But males are also affected. Matt Hodges calls Facebook a drug. ”It’s so satisfying, it’s something you really want. By the time you realise the damage it’s caused [to your self-esteem] it’s too late,”

Males feel the peer pressure of social media,  as more pictures of “good Looking” males with “ripped bodies” got more likes. Body Image is linked to self esteem in young males. There is just as much pressure as girls to conform to body image ideals propagated by social media.

Is hard not to compare your own body and looks to those of the popular images flying around the social media platforms. Matt goes on to say ”There are all these guys with their shirts off looking 100 per cent toned. It’s so in your face. It’s so dangerous to guys’ self-esteem.”

Many males start to question their looks after posting pictures of themselves that get little results on-line; minimum likes and re-tweets. The real question is does social media platforms affect your self esteem, IE turning a confident person into someone with low self esteem or is social media a tool used as a way in which teens with low self esteem confirm to themselves that they don’t fit in, increasing their limiting beliefs and self esteem issues?

Learn more about how social media affects self esteem in males here: Males Self Esteem Takes a Hit

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