The Pain and Pleasure of Dieting

The Pain and Pleasure of Dieting

This week Lose Baby share Emma’s amazing weight loss story and how pain and pleasure helped her to drop the pounds

 emma monaghan

Emma’s weight loss story starts when she felt increased pain at a wedding dress fitting. The extrovert shop assistant while measuring Emma accidentally  said aloud “this cant be right”  The pain of this comment motivated Emma to change her life style, trashing the take away and opting for regular exercise.

We are all motivated by Pain and Pleasure; if we feel to much pain we will doing something to change it. The thought of a pleasurable outcome can also spur us on. Generally we live between this pain and pleasure threshold, it’s only when something extraordinary happens that the pain and pleasure motivation kicks in.

As an example someone who is overweight has a goal to lose 2 stones. Friday night comes and they have a choice, either a healthy low fat salad or a greasy takeaway? You think I’m on a diet so I should have the salad. But when you think about this, your mind thinks about the pain of making the salad, not enjoying the taste, being hungry afterwords. Then pleasure kicks in, you think about how easy it is to telephone for a curry, how great the curry will taste and how full you will be at the end. before you now ding-dong your curry has arrived.


To motivate yourself you need to, in this situation to think about the pain of the curry – how it’s unhealthy, that you won’t fit into that dress for the forthcoming wedding and how your heart hurts every time you eat excess fats – anything that puts you off eating the take away.

Next you build up the pleasure for in this circumstance, the salad. You think about how refreshing the salad taste, how great you will look at the wedding in that dress, how you will hear people saying great comments like “wow she looks great” 

Emma felt the pain at the dress fitting and that found pleasure motivation in the form of  wanting to be a  good role model for her daughter. After her pain and pleasure motivation she began exercising and eating healthy straight away which resulted in massive change both in her weight and confidence. 

Learn more about this incredible story here: Wedding Dress Humiliation Results in Massive Weight Loss

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