Does Rihanna Have Self Esteem Issues Due To Body Image?

Does Rihanna Have Self Esteem Issues Due To Body Image? 

Today The ask if Rihanna’s New Bikini Photos Bring Up Some Major Self Esteem Questions


Recently Rihanna has been posting images of herself in swim suits all over the internet. Rihanna looks great and is known for working out, but recently she has been getting a little stick on-line, with negative comments such as “big Thighs” and “not that skinny” being posted by on-line bullies.

Being the public eye always brings unwanted attention, but on-line bullying and negative comments can happen to any of us who post our own images on-line. Some people often suffering from low self esteem, post swim suit images looking for praise. The problem you face here is, that people like to criticise from the other side of a computer screen. Often they don’t even believe the negative comments they add, there just trying to get a raise from you.

For those of like Rihanne with bags of confidence and the common sense not to read peoples comments posting images is fine, but be aware if you want people to say nice things about the way you look, posting random images on random websites is not the way forward.

Read the full story here: Do You Think Rihanna cares About What People Say About The way She Looks? 
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