If You Think Your Worthless, Everyone Will Agree

If You Think Your Worthless, Everyone Will Agree


This week on Babble.com Nikko Nova ask does self esteem affect dating?

self esteem dating


Having good self-esteem is really about having a good sense of worth, says Nikko a personal development officer. If you have a positive belief about yourself and your worth, you will feel more confident in new situations such as the all so scary dating scene. “It’s about knowing how much you’re worth” says Nova.


Our beliefs affect the way we see ourself and the way we feel about ourselves. But what happens is that our life experiences teach us another way to value ourselves. Perhaps someone made you feel that you are only loveable if someone else loves you, like a boyfriend or girlfriend? We will often find evidence to back up our belief and values which only reinforces your belief. “Well, I’m not loveable and I don’t deserve love, so I’ll never have love, which only means I’m not worthy of love”


If you love yourself others will love you to, because again, when your value yourself, believe that your are wonderful you will find evidence to back this up creating positive reinforcements and a positive belief system. If you want others to ,love you, you need to love yourself first, because if you think your worthless, everyone will just agree with you. 


Read more and learn the advice given by Nikko here: How to build Your Dating Self Esteem 
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