Simon Cowell Admits to Strange Phobia On a Live Webchat

Simon Cowell Admits to Strange Phobia On a Live Webchat

Today discover Simon Cowells Phobia of numbers

simon cowell

People can be phobic of a whole number of things including….numbers. Simon Cowell, the famous X Factor judge, this week in an online chat with fans admitted to worst fear, the number 13. 

Cowell goes as far as adding extra distance to a walk so as to avoid having to take exactly thirteen steps. Simon admits “It’s kind of a sign of madness actually.”

The fear of the number thirteen is called triskaidekaphobia and goes as far back as the Vikings.  The phobia of the number 13 is so powerful, that in some buildings instead of the usual 12, 13, 14 floor numbering, they name the floors 11, 12, 12A , 14.


Read more about Simon Cowells Phobia here: Cowells Phobia of the Number 13 

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