Beauty Bybel’s 5 Steps to Self Esteem

Beauty Bybel’s 5 Steps to Self Esteem

This week the girls at Bauty share their 5 steps to increasing self esteem.

baauty bybel

These  2 beautiful young ladies are full of confidence and self esteem. But why are some of us confident with our looks, persona and life style while others hate the thought of going out, worried that others will have negative opinions on our outfits, hair style and make-up. Positive self body image comes from positive self esteem and in this weeks blog post, Carli gives her inside secrets about her past tricks and tips she personally used to feel great about herself.

Carli recommends writing down and giving yourself daily affirmations to boost your self esteem.  Positive affirmations are powerful, because your mind concentrates on what you think about, if you think about negative thoughts you will feel bad, if you take Carli’s advice and think about positive affirmations you will feel good.

This is the same principle with carli’s second suggestion of “Ticking Your Brain” Think about yourself next week maybe approaching someone you fancy, giving a presentation at work or even taking a driving test. In situations where anxiety can commonly occur most people will visualise themselves failing, which results in feeling bad, for some this negative emotion is so powerful that they don’t even undertake their task, losing out on a potential boy/girlfriend, a promotion at work or in this case having the flexibility a car would bring.

Change your mind set. Imagine doing the task well, pretend you are at your best, full of confidence, full of charisma, full of self worth. If you see yourself in your minds eye doing well, you will feel good. Because your mind doesn’t know the difference between real life and your imagination, in both situations if you feel good in real life or in your imagination, your brain releases the same positive chemicals that we call emotions, in both of these instances.

So take Carli’s advice, trick your mind, think about positive situations, even when you make a mistakes, ask yourself what did I learn from this? What was the positive outcome and give yourself daily positive affirmations.

Read all 5 steps to positive self esteem from Carli here: 5 Steps to Getting Positive Self esteem. 
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