Is Facebook Secretly Ruining Your Self Esteem?

Is Facebook Secretly Ruining Your Self Esteem?

Today University ask; is Facebook Use bad for self esteem?

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Researchers from the University of Michigan completed research on self-esteem and Facebook use. You may believe that Facebook users with hundreds friends have loads of self esteem. The research found that it doesn’t matter if you have large amount of Facebook friends, it doesn’t matter how long you are on Facebook for, or what the reason you use Facebook you will always leave feeling worse about yourself. 

The researchers  were able to show on a moment-to-moment basis throughout the day how people’s mood fluctuated depending on their Facebook usage. This is not the first study that concurs this opinion, other studies suggest social media affects self esteem especially for those looking to gain positive reaction for posted images of themselves, where often they only get criticised.

Users can also become envious of other people, as they believe that certain people get more likes, hits and comments. The study tested several dimensions including frequency but the results always came back the same the more you use Facebook the lower your self esteem will be.

More studies in to self esteem and social media sites are due to come, as many elements often affect a persons self esteem including their state when they use social media. Researchers want to know what aspects of Facebook use is contributing to low self esteem?  

Read more about the research here: facebook is bad for self esteem no matter how often you log on

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