Thinking Your Partner Is Doing Well Affects Your Self Worth

Thinking Your Partner Is Doing Well Affects Your Self Worth

This week on Boston, they uncover research on how males complementing their partners affects their self esteem.

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Men feel bad when partners succeed. After a series of experiments , psychologist found that when males believe that their partner is doing well they feel bad about themselves. Could this be due to the males own self worth? Are males inbuilt to be the provider? If they can’t provide what are they worth?

The study goes on to find that men who felt their partners to be doing well often believed that their relationship would be affected. The same experiment found that  when women believed that their partner was doing well their self worth wasn’t affected at all.

Questions need to be asked on the males who participated in this study about their current self worth. Is the males had high levels of self esteem and self worth, would the results still be the same? Do males in 2013 still have a belief that they are the providers? We are now seeing more males becoming the stay at home dad while their partners go to work bring home the income, in these situations do the males feel belittled? Does the female earning the household income affect their relationship? 

Learn more about what the research uncovered here: Men Feel Bad When Partners Succeed 
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