Rob Beaumont Global Coach

Rob Beaumont Global Coach 

This week I met and Interviewed Rod Beaumont , Rob who was mentored by Anthony Robbins, coaches people from around the globe and has worked in over 23 countries as a coach and mentor.


C. Hi Rod, thank you for joining me today. I wanted to start by asking you to our readers an overview about and your coaching background. 

R. I have been to 138 different countries and lived and worked in  more than 23. I have an adopted son, Alex who is now 18 and have lived mainly outside the UK for the last 30 years. I enjoy working with others and have been described as motivational, inspirational, professional and above all real – authentic. I have the ability to make people be at ease and work with me. I enjoy empowering my clients to reach their goals and dreams and to over come their limiting beliefs and fears. Everything I do it designed to unleash that inner potential that lies within each of us.


C. 138 countries, that’s amazing. I also like how you “unleash that inner potential” in clients  for me that is the key to coaching. What was it that made you choose coaching, rather then travel  as a profession?


R. I have always been involved in education and working with people. I have had experiences in multi ethnic, multi cultural and multi religious countries. Having visited more than 138 different countries and lived and worked in 23+ of them I have discovered that people are basically all looking for the same things, security and health for them and their family, justice and peace. I bring together my experiences to the coaching and mentoring arena where my real life experiences and my natural abilities allow me to be an effective catalyst in helping others reach and exceed their expectations and dreams.


 C. When you started out as a coach, did you believe that you would come this far, working with clients around the world?

R. Yes. I have always enjoyed working as a coach. For 25 years I have coached and mentored people all across the world. It is only now that I have returned to my homeland but still have clients around the world with whom I work on a weekly basis. These are from all walks of life and all areas of expertise. I do not name drop or give out information about any clients as that is my guarantee to them. I have a natural God given ability to work as a coach and it is something I appreciate every day when I wake up and thank God for every night before I sleep.  I could not ignore this gift – it is there to be used.

C. You sound a very passionate coach, when working with clients from around the globe on average how many sessions do clients attend for?

R. Initially we have a free ‘chemistry session’ of between 20 – 30 minutes to see that there is the chemistry between us to be able to work together. After that I generally advise an initial 6 sessions of 45 minutes each over 6 weeks. Some times that is enough for the client to reach the confidence level or attain the milestone they are looking for. Other clients continue longer or return from time to time for a ‘booster’. A coach is not there – I believe – to be seen every week for life – it is transitional, that is why I describe myself as a catylist.

rob beau

C. How do you work with your global client base? 

R. 99% of my sessions are either on SKYPE or at my clients place of business. I do not do sessions in café’s or libraries as some coaches do. I prefer a private surrounding that is comfortable to the client. Their home or office can be a comforting place. Skype allows me to work with clients from across time zones and the world as well as within the UK. For example the other day I started with a client in Athens, Greece, then one in Milton Keynes, then one in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and another in Vancouver, British Columbia then finally one face to face in Dundee. So my days are different, exciting and fun!

C. Yes that sounds really exciting, I love the variety you have. As well as coaching do you use NLP techniques to support your clients?

R. I use NLP often in my sessions. NLP is one of the most powerful techniques used on clients to empower them and to walk away from limiting beliefs. I also refer clients to others in different fields if I feel they would benefit from techniques that I do not use or do not know. Sometimes after a chemistry session I will feel that we are not a good match to work together therefore I suggest to the potential client other coaches who I know might be more suitable. It is important for the client to have the best match in a coach.

C. I totally agree clients need to work with the coach the most suits them. What do you do to keep up with the latest trends in coaching? /Do you attend any regular training?

R. For many years I was a corporate pilot – flying Lear and Citation jets back and forward across the United States and Canada. All pilots have frequent training sessions – often more than twice a year. These are to keep the pilot toned on their skills as well as trained in new technology and techniques. Coaching is the same. Continuing Development and training is essential. It is important to read about new techniques, to read and review other coaches experiences and best practices. Likewise nothing can beat the face to face and hands on retraining and practice sessions. Every client deserves to have a coach that is proficient and proven to be effective. I believe in continuing development to ensure that is the case with my clients. I attend training monthly in different areas, from half day work shops to whole day.


C. It’s good to hear how you invest in development, so many coaches attend a course only to forget the content months later, some of the greats in the coaching world encourage self development, is there anyone in the coaching field who you look up to?

R. Anthony ‘Tony’ Robbins has to be my hero. When I lived and worked in the USA Tony was my role model and mentor. I worked through all his programs over a period of years and was fortunate to actually be coached by Tony. Likewise the Late great Stephen Covey. Starting with the 7 Habits and moving to 8 etc Covey was an inspiration. Once again I was so fortunate to be coached personally by him. Here in the UK Bev James springs to mind. Each coach I believe has that pivotal figure in their life that empowered them to become the coach they are today.

rod speech

C. I’m impressed and really jealous, to be coached by some of the greats must have been really inspiring.  Why do you believe coaching is important to people from all walks of life?

R. Coaching benefits all people from all ages and sections. There is no socio economic layer or area that cannot benefit from coaching. The type of coaching you need is up to you and your coach to determine. You must look at coaching as an investment in you or your child. The return on that investment will be a better life, a more rewarding life and a life that you look back on with no regrets. Coaching empowers YOU. You cannot coach a third party unless they are involved in the process directly, coaching is for You. So if it is relationships, self esteem, promotion at work, financial, style, there is a coach for you. The secret is to find the magic, find the chemistry and then take it for all you can to unleash yourself.

C. Yes, people invest in so many things, but only a few invest in themselves. Do you have a coach yourself? 

R. Yes I have 3! I work with three different coaches to help me. One is in the USA, one in Greece and one here. Two are wonderfully talented female coaches and the other is a high powered American who is charismatic and above all effective. In addition I work with the top ranked UK coaches monthly and have the great fortune to be able to call them for advice and help if need be. That said ‘advice’ is perhaps the wrong word. They provide me with ‘coaching’ and in that sense they develop my inner self.

C. Has having a coach changed your life?

R. Absolutely. 100% It is still evolving. There have been times in my life when I felt suicidal and through coaching I discovered how to overcome serious depression, serious lack of confidence and self esteem. Above all I learned about myself and to allow myself to be free.

C. And to hear your story, shows how powerful having a coach or three is so useful. Regarding your coaching practice what area of expertise do you specialise in?

R. Youth Impact coaching and leadership / management / team building ie Corporate/Executive coaching. I have had 30 years of experience in the teaching field, most recently as Assistant Provost of a large University in the Balkans. Through that and working in International Schools I have the ability to interact with that 16 – 26 group. The feedback from them is tremendous and I appreciate every client, every day I have to work with this group. I feel strongly that across Europe we have a potentially ‘lost generation’ in that group. In Greece unemployment for that group is 65%; Macedonia and Albania 65%, other parts of Europe 30% + even here in the UK it is a frightening statistic. These are OUR future, yet we do not invest in their personal development. Underemployment is equally disasterous, University graduates being employed outside their field. To the other extreme we are told we will live longer and therefore have to work much longer. Yet we have a trend to cut back older employees eg 55+ due to their being at the top end of the salary scale and can be replaced by younger people who are paid far less.

Management and leadership is a critical area to develop. Often workers are disenfranchised and do not relate to their company or employer. They do not feel they are a stakeholder and that their reality is to put in the time, go home and get paid.  We need a work force with ethics and strong beliefs. I guarantee to bring that to my clients.

C. How do your friends react when they find out your a life coach?

R. I have mixed reactions. Everyone thinks it is wonderful and that I am lucky to have a job I love. A job that IS my life. Some tease me because they do not really understand what a coach is, likewise I get teased as to what ‘sport’ I coach in? Tidly Winks I think would be the best bet!

C. Tidly winks coaching – that has to be an untouched niche. Has being a coach benefited you personally? 

R. I have the opportunity to ‘pay back’. That is, I am blessed for having been around the world. Lived in countries as diverse as the USA to Ethiopia, Peru to Poland. Coaching allows me the opportunity to bring out the best in others and in so doing create a better world for us all.

rod outdoors

C. You have had a great career, coaching people around the. Do  work on radio?

R. Have not done this yet. Would love to but so far not had the opportunity. I am open to offers J Anyone reading this who is interested please contact me!

C. Do you coach people in groups or just on a one to one basis?

R. Both. The majority are 1:1 clients. Occasionally I do cohorts, that is large group training sessions – especially in the leadership and management areas. I have coached and worked with groups from 1 – 500 and made presentations for motivation and leadership at international conferences around the world to audiences of 5000 and more! (I think about 10000 was about the most)

C. 10000 is an impressive amount of people to speak to. Before we finished I wanted to ask you about goal setting, why is goal setting so important?

R. Goal setting is essential. It is rather like programming the GPS or Sat Nav in the car. Unless you tell it where you are going you wont get there. So goals are essential. Breaking these down in to ‘chunkable’ sizes empower you to reach those goals. Often we make a goal of for example to lose 2 stone! Wonderful. But when we only see a few pounds coming off we get disillusions and decide negatively that we are not doing well. Thus we give up, we sabotage ourselves and therefore never reach the goal. Notice I don’t use the word fail. Failure to me does not exist. We have choices – to do it or not. It is not a matter of success or failure.

Create benchmarks or milestones. Create small successes and celebrate them. If you go backwards a little do not get discouraged. Often progress plateaus but it is up to us to recalibrate and stimulate ourselves. By setting those shorter milestones success is more manageable and therefore reachable.


C. Yes I agree, so many people set big goals, only to quickly give up because there unmanageable. Does coaching work for everyone?

R. I believe so. It is a chemistry between the coach and the client. Perhaps you have had a coach before but feel it did not ‘work’ for you. Perhaps it was that you did not have the ‘right’ coach. Having the right working partnership allows you to succeed. Without that chemistry nothing is achieved. I have coached people from 10 to 85 and have always been successful with them. It is their success not mine. It is their empowerment. I have only opened their inner doors and windows to the feeling of success and therefore allowed them to follow those inner possibilities to their goals

C. Thank you for joining me today, it’s been such an insightful interview. I wanted to finish by asking where do you see yourself in the nest 3-4 years?

R. I will be a successful coach around Europe not only the UK. I will be working with pro bono clients and empowering those disenfranchised to reach new heights.

Follow Rod on Twitter @ParadigmIntl  and visit his  web site 

rob beau

Rob Beaumont is a Inspirational. Motivational, Passionate and Professional International coaching and mentoring. I empower people to explore, identify, and pursue their interests, and to develop skills for achieving their goals

For more than 25 years, Rod has been an internationally sought-after education and management consultant and keynote speaker. His practical, real-world business experience and career has been in educational leadership, relocation consulting, and executive coaching. As a Senior Consultant Rod is a Master Facilitator with experience in Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People / Effective Teenagers as well as a Life Mastery coach. Rod is a graduate of the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery University Program and embraces many of his experiences into creating a bespoke program to meet his clients needs.

Rod has given keynote addresses, facilitated executive-level – International, National and Regional work sessions, and coached individuals in organizations throughout the U.S., Albania, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Taiwan, China, Ethiopia, Peru, Macedonia and Kosovo. Additionally working with NGO’s such as UNDP, USAID, and OIM/IOM.

Bespoke coaching and motivational programs and activities for all organizations large or small. From personal coaching to business coaching including preparation for working overseas and client satisfaction.

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