Will We See Hypnotherapist in Every Hospital?

Will We See Hypnotherapist in Every Hospital?

Today The Coversation.com explains how Hypnosis is used for Medical and Scientific purposes

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When you think about hypnosis, many think about a hypnotist on stage making audience members bark like  dogs. But hypnosis has been used for over a century for medical and scientific purposes to treat people with pain releases, post-traumatic stress, phobia removal and eating disorders.

With an increase in neuro research, some scientist want to understand what goes on in the brain when people make positive changes when using hypnosis. How do hypnotic suggestions work, from a neuro point of view? What fires up in the brain when a hypnotherapist suggest to a client that their leg has become stiff?

The research has been split into two areas. First to gain a better understanding of the nature of hypnosis and how to use hypnotic suggestion to investigate certain aspects of normal and abnormal psychological functioning.

More research on hypnotherapy and hypnotic suggestions is happening all the time, we could in the future see hypnotherapist in every hospital. Sceptics still require more proof asking does hypnosis only work on easily suggestible people? 

Read the full story here and find out about the current findings here:  Hypnosis Gives Insights into Psychiatric Disorders 

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