The Magic Creation Box

The Magic Creation Box

This week the Training help you to harness your imagination.

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Over 10% of us have some type of phobia and nearly all of us at some point have excessive anxiety. Our imagination is part of the tool that instils the phobia in the phobic, by creating large vivid and lifelike images in our mind. Often these images created by our own minds are so powerful that we feel fully associated to them – we feel like we are actually there.

You can use this psychology to delete phobias from people, using an NLP tool named “the fast phobia cure” technique, which uses disassociation to cure the phobic. “When I think of this power of the human imagination I am both terrified and inspired. For the same imagination that can instantly create a phobia of spiders can just as quickly create a vision of putting a man on the moon. Like an out of control computer virus, the imagination endlessly generates new ‘thought code’ magnificent in its intricacy as well as worrying in its sub-conscious permanence. Handle with care you might say” said The Training Zone.

On their recent article The Training Zone encourages people to train and harness the power of my own imagination, using an exercise they call The Magical Creation Box. The author uses an Evernote memo on his iPhone called ‘The Magical Creation Box’ in this he records all of his goals.

When bored, often people with high anxiety will think of what it is that causes them pain, as they think about this activity they start to feel bad. At the training zone, they do something different, when there mind is wandering they will open the magical creation box on their i-phone, focusing their mind on their goals rather then their fears. If you do this enough your mind will unconsciously focus on your goals rather then your fears creating a new way of learning, much as you do when you create a vision board.

Read more about this great i-phone coaching tool here: How Do You Use Power Human Imagination? 
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