Motivation Creates Female Body Building Champion

Motivation Creates Female Body Building Champion

This week on Yo Lazarov, shares her incredible story of how she gained the motivation which resulted in her winning a body building championship.

yo 8

Yo, 12 months ago was dissatisfied with the way she looked. After feeling that she had neglected herself Yo had to find the motivation to turn things around. After being inspired by UKBFF competitor Willard Barrett, Yo chose the body building path where she met her finance and coach Matt Wild.

Matt trained and coached Yo for over a year, in which time Lazarov had to motivate herself by her personal ambition and childhood dream to win a medal in sports. Looking for an easy way to win a medal, Yo new that all UKBFF Championships entries get a medal by default for participating.

But what surprised Yo  was when she left for home with not only a medal but two trophies as well. Yo’s highlight over the last 12 months was competing at the 5th of May 2013 UKBFF North West Championships, not only winning the category for Body Fitness / Figure, but the Women’s Overall as well, qualifying for the UKBFF British Finals in her first competition.

Read Yo’s amazing story here: A Girl With a Dream


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