Did Julia Roberts Ruin Her Sisters Self esteem?

Did Julia Roberts Ruin Her Sisters Self esteem?

This week contact music.com talk to Julia Roberts little sister Nancy Motes about her self esteem issues.

Nancy Motes in a recent interview has said that Julia Roberts her older sister bulled her about her weight lowering her self esteem. Nancy who is embarrassed about her weight  was 20 stone until a recent gastric bypass operation.  Many people with brothers and sisters go through this period of verbal bullying, somehow our siblings always know how to push our buttons.


Even though this verbal bullying is often in jest, it still has long term affects on peoples self esteem. Nancy’s self esteem was allegedly increased by older sister Roberts, who would criticise Motes due to her weight. Nancy would also have the additional issue of her older sister being a famous film star at the time staring on the famous film pretty women. It’s hard not to think about how friends and family may compare the two sisters, lowering Motes self esteem even further.


Motes was quoted saying about Julia discussing her being overweight “She would make it quite clear to me and in a not so nice manner.” You also have to take into consideration the frame of the situation. One person may believe they are giving good advice, where as the receive may here the same words only to create a different meaning. This is common with people who suffer with self esteem, and one technique to turn peoples low self esteem around is by re-framing what they believe, as beliefs can be very powerful when it comes to motivation.

Read the full story here and find out about the current findings here:  Julia Roberts Sister Nancy Mote Weight Self Esteem

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