Model Leyah Shanks Fights Back Against Self Esteem

Model Leyah Shanks Fights Back Against Self Esteem

Today on Edinburgh model Leyah Shanks discusses Self Esteem.


Plus-sized model Leyah Shanks is alarmed by the amount of people with negative opinions about themselves recently saying “People need to be celebrated for who they are.” Leyah plans to head to the Fringe to use the famous festival as a springboard for her self esteem campaign. Shanks is no stranger to self esteem, as she herself suffered image issues when she was younger and now focuses on helping others overcome their hang-ups.


Leyah who has already won backing from the B-eat charity, which offers help on eating disorders, is keen support people of all sizes with self esteem and body image. It is easy to think that body image only affects the to  large or to skinny, but body image isn’t about your size its about how you perceive your size.


Often media, magazine photo shoots and catalogue models are blamed for the rise in self esteem in body image. Some critics believe that self esteem is down to the individual. The truth is we are social animals and we take are cues from the norm – what others are doing, as this is one way we have evolved to learn. By pleasing others we are likely to stay in groups, which not to long ago was a key to an individuals survival. Self esteem affects people differently, it’s not the experience that creates low self esteem is how we view the world (our internal map) if we change the map we change the person state and behaviour, this way you can take someone with low self esteem and make them very confident.


Read the full story here and learn more about Leyah’s great work: Leyah Shanks Aims to Help Public Self Esteem

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