What Phobia Do You Have That Your Not Even Aware Off?

What Phobia Do You Have That Your Not Even Aware Off?

Today Hello Giggles.com explain how so many people have new phobias that there not even aware off.

Many people have common phobias like acrophobia and phobias of public speaking and open spaces, but recent research into phobias are finding that people are becoming phobic of new technologies. Hello Giggles put together a list of 10 Modern Day phobias that you might not be aware that you have. But be reassured, no matter ingrained activities are in your life, if you have a phobia about them you will know, as a phobia brings up a state of anxiety and panic that is not easily dismissed.

It is said that there are twice as many phones as there are people, which is why Nomophobia – the fear of losing access to your mobile phone is on the increase. The UK Post Office coined the term after conducting a survey that revealed 54 percent of the British public feels panicked when they lose access to their phone.

Deipnophobia – fear of dinner party conversations. similar to a public speaking phobia, deipnophobia puts the lime light on you, which increases anxiety in most people. In many situations including public speaking and dinner party conversations, you feel nervous until you open your mouth and the rest is history, because the starting point is the hard part. Suffering from deipnophobia creates so much anxiety that each question asked can make your stomach turn. Breathing exercises along with hypnotherapy is a great exercise for this phobia.


No-one wants to grow old alone, for some this feeling of loneness can be extreme for those who suffer from Anuptaphobia – the fear of staying single. For many this fear increases as when people are alone thinking of the future, their imagination runs away with them and they imagine being old and alone. They never think of the billion of opportunities they will have to meet a potential partner.


Other new phobias included Editiovultaphobic – fear of Facebook, Retterophobia – fear of wrongly chosen letters and even Papaphobia – fear of the Pope. Read the full article here: 10 Modern Phobias that you may unknowingly have 


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