Do Inspirational Quotes Have Any Affect On Your Self Esteem?

Do Inspirational Quotes Have Any Affect On Your Self Esteem?

This week Employment published 5 Unique Inspirational Quotes by new writer Mark James, but do inspirational quotes improve self esteem?


“Dreams are my inspiration,

Passion drives me forward,

Hope keeps me alive”


When you read positive quotes over and over again, they can have a positive effect on your self esteem and confidence, because your mind can only consciously concentrate on one thing at a time. People suffering from depression will often consternate their mind on negative thoughts, which makes them feel bad. Your body actually releases negative chemicals that can have long term affects on your health.


“Life has no destination,

Your journey is not predetermined,

You create your own path,

Follow your own road to happiness,

Choose your own direction”

By reading positive quotes on a daily basis, and often these inspirational quotes will re-frame old problems, you will feel good about yourself as the words create images in your mind. These same positive images will releases positive emotions making you feel good about yourself.  Your mind learns through repetition, after reading quotes that make you feel good on a daily basis you will soon automatically feel good each day, even without the help of these positive words.

“Have the strength to accept your past,

The courage to decide your future,

If you believe in yourself today,

What could you become tomorrow?”


Some people require additional support such as hypnotherapy and/or life coaching to overcome their set backs but reading  affirmations or positive quotes on a daily basis can be part of the support you need to become a positive person who enjoys life. The same works for people who need to de-stress, some people choose to meditate. At first it can be hard to find that place in your mind that helps you to relax and de-stress, but after a while (and a bit of repetition) you find your relaxing place easier. At some point some become a more relaxed person on a daily basis.


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