Do Manchester Residents Have a Phobia of Cheese?

Do Manchester Residents Have a Phobia of Cheese?

This week the to discuss some bizarre phobias that people suffer from.



Among the 13 bizarre phobias that people suffer from is Turophobia the fear of cheese. Many Manchester residents, and people world-wide have a real fear of cheese. For some suffers, the fear is a particular type of cheese such as cheddar or brie, while other phobics have increased anxiety when confront by any type of cheese.

Fear of food often starts when your childhood as a negative association is attached to the food that made you choke, made you ill of you were forced to eat as a punishment. Often food phobias can be concurred quickly using hypnotherapy to associate calmness and enjoyment to the food item.

Another phobia discussed on the telegraph is the phobia of beards – pogonopobia. With Manchester being a university town, many students have an eye for fashion and stand out wearing trendy clothes and possessing fashionable beards. For the pogonophobia suffers this is a real nightmare making a walk down a Manchester street a real nightmare.

Pogonophobia goes as far back as 1850’s and is still current today, with Jeremy Paxman accusing his bosses at the BBC of suffering from pogonophobia after criticising him for being on air wearing a beard.

Learn about all 13 phobias here: 13 of the most unusual phobias

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