Can Your Phobia of Manchester’s Bad Weather be Passed on to Your Children?

Can Your Phobia of Manchester’s Bad Weather be Passed on to Your Children?

This week Vicky Calmes on explains how she passed her fear of storms on to her children.

In Manchester this week we have seen a dramatic change in weather. We have gone from supper sunny to seriously stormy, with weather predictions saying that the weather in Manchester could worsen. Some Manchester residents suffer from Astrophobia – the fear of bad weather, creating anxiety when summers ends and autumn begins.

Vicky Calmes also suffers from Astrophobia the fear of bad weather, a phobia she has had since child hood. Growing up in the 60’s in Mayville part of Tornado Alley, Vicky remembers running down to the basement whenever the windy weather arrived. Calmes grew up with stories of people being struck by lightning while answering the telephone during a storm and taking a bath during a storm was taboo, as stories spread of how lightning could strike the water pipes, only to be carried up to the drain, into the bath you were having.

It’s these type of stories that fires of the imagination in children coupled by the sound of a storm passing by as your shivering in the basement of your house that can instill these type of phobias. As with many phobias, Astrophobia can easily be passed on to your children. This is because children learn through copying (what their parents do) if they see you fearful of a coming storm they too will become fearful, creating their own Astrophobia.

To stop a fear or phobia being passed on the original phobic first needs to overcome their own phobia, as children can see if the parent is faking and it is hard to fake a non phobic reaction if your phobic. Phobias are easily overcome especially through Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT. What generally happens is the therapist changes the way your mind processes certain things (the phobia) often by associating calm rather than anxiousness to the phobic event.

Astrophobia can also get out hand leading to Agoraphobia – the fear of leaving the house.

Read more about Vicky’s story here: Parent Passes Storm Phobia On To Her Children
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