New Modern Strange and Wonderful Phobias

New Modern Strange and Wonderful Phobias 

This week on ABC2, they discuss New Modern Phobias

Psychologists have recently created a list of brand new phobias that didn’t exist decades ago.

Nomophobia, is the phobia of having no signal on your mobile phone. A new phobia that is becoming popular with teenagers. Teenagers have also seen an increase in a new on-line phobia – Visiobibliophobia, which is the fear of Facebook.  Retterophobia is a fear of wrongly chosen letters.  which is a worry for those with predicted text on their phone.

The thought of going on holiday can cause increased stress and anxiety when flying abroad. With nomophobia’s asking themselves “will I have signal on the plane?…will I have signal in the hotel….will I EVER have signal again?”

Facebook addicts suffering from Visiobibiophobia, get worried about their facebook, checking it over and over again, so they don’t miss anything. You cant just cure this phobia by just deleting your account, you have to learn to feel calm not anxiety when you see the famous facebook symbol.

Retterophobia can cause panic when texting your friends. Autotext trying to predict your typing, picks the wrong letters and arghhhhhhh!! Frustration can also build when writing a report and you cant spell the word, you keep choosing the wrong letters creating anxiety that can overwhelm you.

Read more at the original article: Modern Age Phobias
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