An Interview With The Amazing English Sisters

An Interview With The Amazing English Sisters 

This months coaching interview is with the amazing hypnotherapist, The English Sisters . The English sisters are hypnotherapist, authors, and trainers who specialise in Stress Management.

english sisters

C. After watching many of your fantastic You Tube videos, it is great to have this opportunity to interview the two of you.  For any readers who don’t know you, can you explain who you are and how you use hypnotherapy to help people.

ES. We’re The English Sisters’ the Everyday Hypnotherapists and authors in Rome. Specializing in stress management

C.    You have several published books, a big following on you tube and twitter and your reputation in the hypnotherapy community is growing. How do you feel about your journey so far?

ES. It’s been an amazing, exciting adventure; we still get goose bumps when we see our published books in the bookstores.  To have come so far has been a dream come true. Something we used to dream of and visualize has now become our reality. We often look back and take a moment to appreciate our journey so far.

C. It sounds a truly amazing adventure, and I don’t believe the adventure is over yet. When you look back over your career, what would you consider to be your greatest success with a client?

ES.  It was with a young lady suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD after she was a victim of a very traumatic event, the police were involved and there was a court case. Upon our arrival she was not talking and not reacting at all to her environment she had not eaten or spoken for many hours. After the session the  emotions attached to the trauma had dissolved and she was herself again. It was wonderful to see her enjoy a cup of tea with us, see her smile and hopeful for her future.  We followed up the next day and following month and she had regained her social life and was happy and free of fear. We were delighted with the results

C. Wow, that must have been a highly powerful session. It always amazes me, how hypnotherapy can have such a power impact on a clients life. As well as hypnotherapy do you use any additional tools with clients?

ES. Yes we use a combination of hypnosis, NLP coaching and humour. We always work together as a team as we believe that this is beneficial to our clients and also something we enjoy doing. Our clients feel supported because as one of us is talking, the other is metaphorically “holding the client’s hand” and empathising with them. Our dual inductions are very effective as the rhythm and tones of our voices gently “rock” the client into a comfortable trance.

C. I agree, humour is such an important part of therapy. I first came across the two of you on You Tube, can people be supported through on-line hypnotherapy videos?

ES. Yes we’ve found that our YouTube videos have been extremely useful to many people around the world and have had many touching, lovely comments on our YouTube channel. People can access our videos online at any time to experience immediate relief from their problem or issue. We call our videos Everyday Hypnosis videos because we would like hypnosis and hypnotherapy to become part of people’s everyday lives.

C. I can personal recommend the English Sisters videos to all our readers and i like your idea of people using hypnosis as part of their every day lives. With this in mind do clients need to have a “problem” to use a hypnotherapist?

ES. It is common for people to believe that they need to have a problem to use hypnotherapists. However we would recommend hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to everybody. In our opinion once you’ve experienced the beneficial effects that hypnotherapy provides you with, you’ll never look back. In our own lives we’ve found hypnotherapy and hypnosis to be a daily friend.

C. What area of expertise do you specialise in?

ES. We specialize in stress management. We believe that stress is part of everyday life it’s how you react to it that makes the difference. We utilize hypnotherapy to change people’s beliefs and responses to stressful situations.  The hypnotherapy brings about almost instant relaxation which gives the client immediate relief from cumulative stress. We then motivate, inspire and teach the client how to manage their stress by creating new empowering responses to stressors

C. I lot of clients don’t realise that as well as gaining support during the session, they also walk away with tools to support themselves. As we said at the beginning of the interview as well as being great hypnotherapist you are also authors of several books.

ES. Our first lifestyle book Entrancing Tales for Change with Hypnosis and NLP is a series of hypnotic stories that lead the reader on a journey of change. The tales are designed to debug the subconscious mind and release true potential.

Our next book “Stress Free in 3 Minutes” soon to be released is collection of easy to read short hypnotherapeutic stories filled with metaphor and hypnotic language, which take the mind on a mini break. The book provides immediate and long-term relief from stressful thoughts. We also write children’s books based on NLP.  We have recently released “The Little Grasshopper and the Big Ball of Dung” which teaches children how to model excellence even at a very young age.  We believe that for young children it is essential to acquire these basic NLP skills.

C. It has been a great pleasure to meet the two of you, like I said i am already a big fan of yours. Thank you for sparing your time today, and I liked to wish you the best of luck with your books, youtube videos and practice.

 english sisters

The English Sisters known as the Everyday Hypnotherapists, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo live in Sunny Rome with their families. The very first time that you enjoy spending a few minutes with ‘The English Sisters’ you absolutely know that they ‘get it’, and that they have the secret of being really happy in everyday life. The next thing that you realize is that rather than hold onto the secret both sisters are happy to share simple fun ways of how to love living life to the full.

Their fascination about language and how it affects the brain led them to becoming qualified in the Theory and Principles of Indirect Hypnosis, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP with Stephen Brooks of British Hypnosis Research and to continue their studies attending the seminars of Richard Bandler, the world-renowned co-creator of NLP and the man who taught Paul McKenna. They graduated at the Excellence Quest Institute for hypnosis in Illinois Chicago and are certified in Hypnosis and Other than Conscious Communication OTCC™ with certified licensed hypnosis instructor Barbara J. Stepp.

One day after a trip to England they had a light bulb moment and created their own methodology of teaching English to Italians, using NLP and Conversational Ericksonian Hypnosis. Their online English course with was born.

They are the authors of the successful lifestyle and children’s books ‘Entrancing Tales for Change with Hypnosis and NLP’, ‘The Little Sparrow and the Chimney Top’ ‘The Little Grasshopper and the Big Ball of Dung’ and ‘Don’t Learn English Smile / Non imparare l’inglese sorridi’.

To coincide with the release of their new book Stress Free in 3 Minutes The English Sisters will be running Hypnotherapy Stress Free Retreats in the hills of Rome. To book

They have created the unique format of Chat-view™ a series of fun recorded interviews, via Skype with prominent experts and authors in the fields of hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and self-development.

The English Sisters Everyday Hypnosis videos that guide the viewer into a state of light trance, whilst bringing about positive changes are appreciated worldwide.

They are available for Skype Hypnotherapy sessions, TV appearances, Radio Interviews, Workshops, Speaking events, and Seminars.

Websites & Hypnotherapy Retreats


Authors of the following books


Skype: english.sisters

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