The John Donaldson Interview

The John Donaldson Interview

This weeks interview is with my friend, mentor  and the founder of Positive Input In 2005 he launched a social enterprise – Positive Input as a life principles and skills learning facility using the power of the web.


john donalson

C. Hi John it is great to see you again.   For people who don’t know you, can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

J. My name is John Donaldson  and I run the Coach support Service

C. The coaching support service is a service for coaches and practitioners, to guide and support them. as most coaches work alone being part of a coaching network can be highly beneficial  both personally and professionally. I know you are also an author of several books and you will be shortly releasing a new book, can you tell me a little more about it?

J. My book is being written to provide information, guidance and hope to new and struggling coaches to make the break through to become economically viable and fulfilled in their work.

C. I think this a book like this is needed, so many new coaches believe they will set up a website and within a week make thousands of pounds. Is the book designed just for coaches?

J. The book is for Coaches, Therapists, NLP Practitioners and others in one to one helping professions.

C. How does your book empower coaches?

J. By living the orientations about the reality, resources and process of becoming a successful business.

C. I agree, coaches need to learn about the process of businesses as well as knowing how to support their clients  So many great coaches are unsuccessful because they don’t understand how the processes of businesses. What made you choose coaching and becoming an author as a profession?

J. Widespread disappointment and demoralisation

C. When you look back over your career, what is your greatest success with a client?

J. Encouraging Chris Delaney to develop his business and publish his book

C. And it is much appreciated. This is one reason why this book is going to be a success and the reason I want to recommend all coaches to buy this book, is because I know first hand how powerful your advice and knowledge is.  As I look up to you, which coaches and authors do you look up to? 

J. Peter Thomson, Nick James, Daniel Wagner,

C. Peter Thomson is fantastic  I think it was you who first put me on to him. Coaches is big at the moment, why do you believe coaching is important to people from all walks of life?

J. Because so many people are without direction or purpose in living their lives.

C. Yes people feel lost, they tend to have several ideas but cant choose which way to go. From your experience what do you consider is the main benefit from a coaching session?

J. To help you find the answers within yourself.

C. I know you have a coach yourself, and this is something you recommend to new coaches, how does your coach help you?

J.  They keep me focussed and on track

C. Thinking about your personal coach, has being coached changed your life?

J. Yes

C. As a coach, what is your area of expertise?

J. Business Coaching

C. The career title “coach” has different connotations, how do your friends react when they find out your a life coach and author?

J. There generally Impressed

C. That’s good. What is your life mantra?

J. Helping the helpers

C. You have achieved so many wonderful things in your life and career so far. You always have a new goal each time I meet you, why is goal setting so important?

J. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know which path to take.

C. Yes, I think goals keep you focused and motivated. What do you consider is the difference between negative and positive goal setting?

J. Away and towards motivation

C. For those that aren’t familiar with away and towards motivated, its the pain or pleasure motivated. Some people are motivated to achieving pleasure or from getting away from pain.  What was your greatest goal you set for yourself? Did you achieve it?

J. To see the CSS stand on its own feet financially and repay me my loans, the to go back to ultimate love which is writing.

C. Thank you for joining me today John and good luck with your new book. The final question I would like to ask you today is where do you see yourself in the nest 3-4 years?

J. Hanging in there in a bigger and better game.

John Donaldson Bio

john donalson

After ten years corporate career in marketing and general management, John was one of the founders of Pluswork Ltd.

He moved to Non-Executive Chairman of the Pluswork Group in his forties.

He then took up writng and publishing books and periodicals on better handling of money and time management, communication and other life skills.

He has run various voluntary support groups helping people to handle their stress issues and become more effective in life.

In 2005 he launched a social enterprise called Positive Input as a life principles and skills learning facility using the power of the web.

In 2012 he extended this activity into supporting the Coaches, Therapists and NLP Practitioners who will ultimately be helping the learners who come Positive Input to take better control of their lives.

John Donaldson – &

Specialities: Mentoring, Tutoring, Deal Making, Inspiring, Wordsmith and Author.
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