Can Manchester Residents Become Phobic of Weather?

Can Manchester Residents Become Phobic of Weather?

A recent article on explains 19 wild weather phobias.

Weather phobias range from Nephophobia the fear if clouds, to Kalimeraphobia the fear of global warming, from Chinonophobia the fear of snow to Bronphobia the fear of lightening.

In Manchester we have pretty mild weather, apart from the rain which could lead to Lemniphobia the Fear of water, but apart from this we are pretty weather phobia free. In countries like the USA weather can becomes extreme creating life long phobias. In one story Karin Herrmann became scared and anxious when several tornados came close to where she lived.

After these tornados the anxiety grew and became associated to new situations. Karin would become highly anxious when driving through storm damaged areas, when people shown her photos of tornados. The phobia became so string that at one point Herrmann found it hard to leave the house when it became cloudy.

Association and anxiety can create strong phobias. You become scared about something in this case bad weather. The more you think about this situation the more you remember passed feelings of anxiety, which in turn creates stronger feelings of anxiety which then become phobias.

People become phobic of the situation that initially scares them, and then the phobia can spread to other associated situations in this case from the fear of the tornado to the fear of a cloudy day.  

The answer for Manchester residents wanting to overcome their weather phobia is to associate calm and confidence to the weather phobia. The is easily accomplished using Hypnotherapy, the technique helps people remember  a time they felt confident and in control, you then take these feelings of confidence and image in your minds eye, being confident  in the weather that in the past frightened you.

Weather phobias like this can be deleted in 1-3 sessions, with lasting results. Phobias can stop people from leaving their house, achieving their goals and even affect your relationship. Never let weather phobias stop you from living your life, as they are easy to overcome, allowing you to live your life to the full.

Read the full story here: wild weather phobias

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