How Are Phobias Formed?

How Are Phobias Formed? 

This week on they uncovered how phobias are formed.

The world is full of phobics. Some phobias are common and well known such as the fear of heights, the fear of spiders and the fear of public speaking. As a Phobia Removal expert I have come across several bilharzia phobias, including;  Geliophobia– Fear of laughter,  Kathisophobia– Fear of sitting down and Pentheraphobia– Fear of mother-in-law. One of my all town favourites is Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers.

People think that phobias can not be cured, but the truth is phobias are learnt and can easily be deleted. Dr John Malouff, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New England, says some people have a predisposition to anxiety and this could accelerate the development of phobias.

Phobias can be gained through traumatic experience. A common example is when a holiday maker on a flight suffers from turbulence, this event triggers anxiety and fear. This fear is reinforced, often as the suffer remembers the fearful event causing a lasting phobia.

Phobias can also be learnt, a child watching a parent screaming when they see a spider can cause the child to create their own phobia through learnt behaviour. A phobia is fear associated to an event or thing, if you change the negative association from fear to confidence or calmness then you will how you perceive the event differently – deleting the phobia.

Do you want to learn more about how phobias are formed? Read the full article here: Running Scared – How Phobias are Formed 

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