Top 10 Manchester Phobias

Top 10 Manchester Phobias


This week the evening share with us there top 10 strange phobias


Phobias to the unphobic seem strange, silly and even bizarre. But to the phobic there phobia is real creating panic, fear and anxiety which can really affect people’s lives , goals and relationships. Common phobias such as public speaking can be understood by most, but phobias including  Arachibutyrophobia: The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, can sound bizarre which is why is what rated number one in the evening top 10 phobias.


Others that made the list include, Pteronophobia: Is the fear of feathers or of being tickled by a feather which took 9th place and Cacophobia: an over-whelming, irrational fear of ugliness. One of my favorites came in at third place:  Linonophobia: The fear of string.


Read the full list of phobias here: Top 10 Strange Phobias




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