How Are Phobias Formed?

Anxiety Removal Technique Manchester

Anxiety disorders is caused by the external stress in our lives. Once we become anxious by an external force as an example your managers management style, you can easily make yourself stressed by remembering past stressful events as an example he last time your manager told you off, or by visualizing future events, as an example imagining that your manager will shout at you when you hand in the project. Often people will also give themselves negative self talk which can increase anxiety levels.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress can come in many forms, from abusive relationships to traumatic events. From stress at work to dangerous activities. Stress from a lack of money, potential redundancies or natural disasters can easily increase a person’s anxiety levels.

How Do You Know If You Need Support To Get Rid of Anxiety?


  • If you have excessive worry and are anxious about several different events
  • If you find it difficult to control the worrying
  • If you have trouble sleeping, concentrating and  are restless on a regular basis  

How to Overcome Anxiety

You can book a session with a hypnotherapist. As an anxiety is cause by negative self talk  and/or through imaging future events or remembering past situations that increase anxiety you can use the technique below:

Step 1. Think about the event that causes you anxiety

Step 2. Think about where this image is, in your minds eye (often this image is in front of your minds eye, and is big, large and colorful)

Step 3. If the image is moving (IE a film) pause the image, and move the image away from your mind eyes so you can clearly see the edges of the image.

Step 4. Turn the image from color to black and white and put a boarder around the image.

Step 5. Move the image further from your minds eye, further and further away until the dot is hardly visible ion the horizon.

Which each step the anxiety will de-crease. Practice this technique between 5-10 times a day for 5 days, making the changes quicker and quicker each time, until the anxiety has completely gone.

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