Do You Have Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

Do You Have Signs of Low Self-Esteem? 

This week spiritually explain the ten signs of having low self esteem
Low self esteem limits what you can achieve. Low self esteem can affect anyone from any walk of life. Low self esteem in essence is the pain you link internally to external events. People suffering from low self esteem think about the pain of their decisions and their choices. An example of this is when you are thinking about asking a person out on a date. The person with low self esteem, will imagine the event going horrible wrong. They will see themselves nervously walking up to the potential date, and then they vividly see themselves failing, looking stupid and failing.  
If you are successful in actually going on the date, your thoughts will often become a self-fulfilling prophecy.   

Spiritually Healthy this week have uncovered some common signs that all people with low self esteem display, including being indecisive. When you are given choices, people with low self esteem find it hard to make a decision, hoping and letting others make the choice for you.

Deflecting praise is also a common sign a low self esteem. Having low self esteem means you don’t truly believe in yourself, and when others complement you, you will deflect the praise because you don’t believe the praise is true.

Spiritually Healthy also say that people with low self esteem  shows sign of low self esteem  by giving up easily, pleading and aiming low.

Do you recognize some of these habits in yourself? In others? Recognition spurs a certain solidarity: learn more about spotting low self esteem here: 10 Tell-tale signs of low self esteem 

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