NLP Logical Level Questions

NLP Logical Level Questions


Environment (The environment around you such as your home, your community, living arrangements, the people around you, your tools and resources)

Ask “how does your environment affect your goal?”  What are your external opportunities or constraints?

  • “Where do you work best?
  • “What kind of people do you like to have around you?
  • “Where are your resources?”
  • “Where do you gain support?”

Behaviours (What you consciously do, and what you think about)

Ask “What specifically do you do”   “If I was you, what would I be doing?”

  • “What do you do that makes life fun and interesting?”
  • “What do you find yourself saying habitually? Can you see any patterns?”
  • “Do your actions fit in with your sense of who you are?”
  • “What do you sound like?”

Capabilities (your abilities, skills, talents, knowledge and competency)

Ask “What skills, competency and knowledge do you have?”

  • “What skills have you learnt that you are proud of?”
  • “What would people who know you well say you are good at?”
  • “Do you know someone who has the skills you’d like to have?”
  • “How do you know you are effective?”


Beliefs and Values (Your beliefs and values are your guiding force of your actions and decisions.  What do you strongly believe in?)

Ask “What do you believe and value?”

  • “Why did you do that?  Why did they do that?”
  • “What factors are important to you in this situation?”
  • “What do you believe to be right and wrong?”
  • “What has to be true for you to get what you want?
  • “What are your beliefs about this person or situations? Are they helpful, what beliefs might be help me you get better results?”

Identity (The sense of who you are)

Ask  “What is the definition of who you are and what you stand for”

  • “What kind of person are you?”
  • “How is what you are experiencing an expression of who you are?”
  • “How would you describe yourself?”
  • “How would others describe you?”

Spirituality (Our role and duty as a spiritual being, our connectedness to the universe)

Ask “What is your meaning in life?”

  • “For what reason are you here?”
  • “What would you like your contribution to be to others?”
  • “How would you like to be remembered when you’re gone?”

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