Two Phobias That Your Children May Suffer From

Two Phobias That Your Children may Suffer From

This week on behavioural change Haley Granton discusses phobias that you might not be aware you suffer from.

As an expert of phobia removal, I understand the importance of wanting to change for quick phobia removal. But some phobics have a second gain from having a phobia; every time the arachnophobia suffer see’s a spider there partner shows them love by hugging and protecting them. If they receive no love in their relationship (many people know there partner loves them, but the partner does not show this or pay much attention to them in the general day to day of their relationship) apart from the spider incidents, when the partner takes the role of the protector, then who can blame them for wanting to keep their phobia…and the second gain they receive.

Many clients come to me with a spider phobia that they have “put up with” for years. The reason for wanting to make a change now, is that they are pushing their phobia often unconsciously onto their children. Children copy the actions of their parents as shown in experiments such as the BOBO DOLL experiment. IE if you have a phobia of spiders the odds are that your children will to, as they copy your actions and re-actions when you see a spider.

Children can suffer from other phobias to. You may not even be aware that your child has a phobia.  


Children can often become fearful and phobic of clowns and adults dressed in costumes. Some children also suffer from Automatonophobia;terrified of ventriloquist’s dummy or an animatronic. This is considered an irrational fear due to the fact that none of these things can cause harm, but for the suffer, as with all phobics for them the fear is real.


If your child is experiencing intense anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts over going to school, they may be suffering from this phobia which causes a fear of going to school. This sort of phobia may be caused by a fear of failure, high levels of stress, or even things such as bullying. It is also possible that your child is simply suffering from separation anxiety.


If you would like to learn more about phobias that you don’t know you suffer from, click the source link here: 5 Phobias that You Never New You Had 


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