5 Celebrities With 5 Crazy Phobias

5 Celebrities with 5 Crazy Phobias



Matt Damon Snake Phobia 

The fear of snakes or Herpetophobia as it is often referred to is a common animal phobia. Snakes in many children’s books and cartoons are designed to be scary and/or evil. In the bible a snake tricks Adam into eating an animal. Many of us through these types of stories are condition to fear snakes. Ophidiophobia is the fear of a particular snakes species. 

Kelly Osbourne Fear of being Touched 

Haphephobia is the fear of being touched, and is often caused by someone who feels the need to protect their personal space. At the extreme, people who have been sexually attacked can form a strong version of Haphephobia.

Keanu Reeves Fear of the Dark

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness. A common children’s phobia, which is normally brought on through an active imagination. The thought of someone or something waiting under your bed or in a cupboard can send shivers down your spine.

Orlando Bloom Pig Phobia 

Swinophobia is another animal phobia. Animals can be seen as cute or scary, and for every species their is someone who will have a fear of that particular animal. Anxiety plays a key part in thsi phobia, and can easily be eliminated through hypnotherapy.

Oprah Winfrey Fear of Chewing Gum 

Chiclephobia  (the fear of gum) is often traced back to a childhood event. Many people become Chiclephobic after putting their hand accidentally in gum; the texture and temperature of the gum, along with the embarrassment and hard task of getting off you can leave you with a sticky phobia for life.

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