NLP Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy

What Is The Difference Between a Manchester NLP Coach and An Manchester Hypnotherapist?

When looking for help to overcome Phobias, To Increase confidence or to Reduce Low Self Esteem, you find on the web many practitioners and therapist advertising themselves as a Coach, NLP-er and/or Hypnotherapist.

But what is the difference between NLP and Hypnosis?

This infographic below will explain the difference, but the question isn’t what is best NLP or Hypnosis the question should always be, Can Therapist Help Me With My Issue? Always as the therapist what there experience is helping others with similar problems…and do they get positivist results that last?


NLP VS HYPNOSIS INFOGRAPHIC [Infographic] by the team at Christoper Delaney

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions  and Public Speaking Events

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions  and Public Speaking Events


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