Is a work-life balance Important in 2014 for Manchester Residents?

Is a work-life balance Important in 2014 for Manchester Residents?


We have all heard of the perfect work/life balance. But what does this really mean? Working for 40 hours a week, and living your life for 40 hours a week? Isn’t there more to it?

For some the balance is on sided. The career professional with aspirations for career success can easily become a career hobbit, working 80-90 hours a week. They wake up – work, they sleep – dreaming of work, their friends invite them out – I’m working.  Its work, work, work!  In this situation you may find career success gaining promotion after promotion, pay rise after pay rise. As your talent gets status, rival companies may even headhunt you. With a 90/10 work/life balance you can easily fall into the trap of increased stress levels, lack of sleep, feeling pressured which can lead to illness, mental hath and at the extreme an early death. 

As a Manchester based hypnotherapist, I understand how workplace stress levels can affect both your career and your life. I often teach my hypnotherapy and coaching clients a few stress release tips, that only take a few minutes each day to perform, allowing you to reduce your stress levels, and help you perform at your optimum, stress free.

At the opposite end of the scale some people put a preference on life rather then work. At the extreme some of us who live our lives to the full, only work to pay their bills (or their next holiday) A job is a job, nothing more nothing less! These day-time clock watchers can be fun and exciting people to be around, but don’t always perform well at work.  They live for their weekends, days off, holidays and hobbies. Their salary stays dormant, career progression is next to nothing and their career reputation is, at the best low. With a focus on life rather then a focus on a career can be restrictive, as your salary is often the key to your life style.

Success comes from that perfect work life balance. You work hard and play hard. At work you are seen as the colleague who gets things done. You’re respected and seen as a nice, calm person, as your stress levels remain low unlike the burnt out career enthusiast. You spend time out of work, with friends and families. The free time your allocate to play allows you to plan your hobbies and holidays, and the recent pay rise through your dedication at work allows you to buy a new car, bigger house and expensive holiday.

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Can you maintain a proper work-life balance in your career?


Certain careers demand more from you then others. Stock market positions are seen as a high pressured role, where the employee has to put the hours in to get results. (and bonuses.) Many have crashed and burned in this competitive job sector. At the opposite end a career ladder, a Hair Dresser job has been rated in recent polls a one the best careers to possess, in terms of satisfaction and a good work-life balance. For a people’s person, having a job where you get to chat to people all day long is stress free and fun.

The job alone doesn’t create a negative or positive work/life balance, your temperament has a key role to play to. Many high flyers understand the dangerous of being a career professional, and make time to release energy playing squash or regularly going to the gym. Business meetings can be taken in relaxing restaurants, and business trips abroad assist in a break of routine.

The key is planning. Well planned professional’s complete work on time, while giving them enough time to fulfil their hobbies and passions, to free up time for the gym and sports, and that all important social time, when you can “forget about it all.”


Which high-powered careers still let you have a life outside work?



Teaching positions at all levels are considered very stressful. Being able to manage and teach a large group of energised children, as well as planning your lessons and preparing for inspections, can take a lot out of you. The teaching profession also offers some key benefits. Many teachers are allocated large holidays throughout the year. Many schools have gyms where teachers get free access and schools are known to provide specialist support in terms of counselling, when needed by their staff. Teachers often have flexibility on their working hours, when needed finishing at the end of the school day (often 3:30ish)

Sales engineer

A sales engineer works closely with mangers, clients and other sales staff to explain the value of their complex products. The sales engineer is tasked with researching the client’s needs, demonstrating how the product meets that need and closing the sale. This is a high pressured role, where a lack of sales can mean a lack of a job. For the employee with the correct temperament this role is gold. Some, with the gift of the gab, can sell anything to anyone. These employees reap the benefits of this role, making sales and earning high commissions. This high salary means designer labels, fancy cars and lots of holidays. More so, the employer understanding the value of an excellent sales engineer will  bend over backwards to keep them happy, offering company cars, end of year bonuses and free tickets to local sports games and restaurants.

Computer programmer

Analytical and mathematic roles such as computer programmers are on the increase. This position is highly technical and pressurised with employees often working 40-50 hours a wk. Getting coding wrong can be a disaster that will need quickly rectifying. Good programmers can gain some key benefits. Employers such as Google and Microsoft understand the pressures their employees are under and work hard to release the stress with company nap rooms, fireman’s poles and slides so you don’t have to use the stairs.

Graphic designer

The benefits of being a graphic designer are two fold. First you can have a great work/life balance as many graphic designers are self employed working from home. They get to choose their own hours, take on the work they want to take on and when they need a day off, well your the boss! You get to be creative and you get to share your ideas with world. When taking on new jobs the stress can start, as clients will want a good job delivered on time, your 30-40hr week can easily double if you’re not careful.

Registered nurse

Their are many benefits from being a registered nurse, the great salary, retirement benefits, job security, free health care and the benefit of helping others. Nurses can work full or part time hours, you get to travel and meet new people. Many people wanting a job with variety and flexibility enter this profession. But the truth is that a nursing role, that may seem to be versatile is actually very procedure based. You may work with lots of people in different areas but you have to follow routines and policies. For some with the wrong temperament for this role, can easily become stressed. As you will be aware many nurses have to deal with severely ill people and may even be the person who finds the body of the patient who has passed away. To keep stress free you need to be able to leave work at work so you can live your life to the full.

Network administrator

In the past few recent years we have seen a massive incline in network administrational roles. This IT technical job keeps you in demand and can advance your career in many different directions. You can work from small firms to international organisations. You mainly work alone which for some brings boredom,   which results in stress levels. This is generally a 9-5 job which means your evenings and weekends are free for activities and fun. Working for large global businesses also gives you the benefits of the company perks, which can include gym passes, duvet days and free pensions.


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions  and Public Speaking Events

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