Top Ten Unusual Phobias A Manchester A Hypnotherapist Cure

Top Ten Unusual Phobias A Manchester a Hypnotherapist Cures 

This week the evening share with us The Top Ten Unusual Phobias. We ask “do Manchester residents suffer from these same phobias?”

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1 Haphephobia: A  fear of being touched. Associated with the protection of an individual’s personal space. This phobia is more common then people may think. Manchester residents with a history of abuse can often suffer from this phobia and can affect peoples self esteem, relationships and confidence. 

2 Doraphobia: The dread of touching the skin or fur of an animal. Humans have always had fears of animals, some say this is an inbuilt survival mechanism.  The texture of the animals skin (or even just the thought of it) can send shivers down your spine, at the extreme some phobics visualise the animal coming back to life and attacking them. 

3 Eremophobia: Morbid fear of being alone. A symptom of depression and manifests itself after trauma or the loss of a loved one.

4 Ergophobia: A fear of or aversion to work. Sufferers become irrationally anxious about the workplace. Self esteem and self worth are often key factors here. Some workers believe that they don’t deserve the career that they are in, and that they have “got away with faking it” until now, they also dread the thought that they will “get caught out soon” 

5 Hypnophobia: A morbid fear of sleep. It may result from control loss, repeating nightmares, or a feeling that more can be achieved instead of sleeping. Opposite to this, is people who want to sleep but cant – Anxiety often keeps suffers awake. people can be come anxious about a new date, giving a presentation, public speaking or a job interview. Often sufferers will reply internal films, where they see themselves fail over and over again. 

6 Brontophobia: An abnormal fear of thunder. Outside they suffer major anxiety. When you hear thunder for the first time, when your not expecting it, can make you heart beat faster. The memory from this, can create a strong fear phobia, where the thought of bad weather can cause high anxiety. 

7 Kakorrhaphiophobia: An abnormal fear of failure. The fear can consume a person’s every thought. Most people fear failure. This is often through the way children are taught at school or they way parents teach children the rules of life. Failure is a learning opportunity, but Kakorrhaphiophobics will often not try anything new due to anxiety this thought brings. 

8 Ophidiophobia: A morbid fear of snakes. This is often the most common phobia in towns across the UK. In Manchester Ophidiophobia affects one third of residents.

9 Taphephobia: Fear of being buried alive. More specifically the fear of being put in a grave while alive. Nightmares are made of Taphephobia; being trapped, not being able to breath and no chance of rescue can pile up the fear. 

10 Phobophobia: A fear of acquiring a phobia. Patients develop anxiety and panic attacks in the belief they are about to be diagnosed with a specific phobia. Humans try and label everything. if you have some anxiety symptoms when you do X, you can easy label it as a certain phobia. The problem here is people don’t want to become phobic, and the thought of having a phobia can become your phobia! 

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions  and Public Speaking Events

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