Manchester Bar Supervisor Plagued By Wet Food Phobia

Manchester Bar Supervisor Plagued By Wet Food Phobia 


This week the Mancunian  share a Lee Sentino’s tragic story – a life time battling a fear of ‘wet’ foods and sauces.   


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Lee Sentino suffers from a rare phobia of wet food, that is limiting his social life “It was difficult to go to restaurants as most, if not all, of the menus wouldn’t be suited to my needs. I remember the time I went to an Italian restaurant and just asked for a bowl of pasta….When I close my eyes, I still see the woman’s look of confusion and disgust.”  


Lee who has never seeked professional help for his strange phobia, has put strategies in place to help him live his life as best he can. The 24-year-old told MM: “I would eat like everyone else however I just can’t – it simply has to be dry. For example there would be no condiments, sauces, or gravy. If my family were having lasagne, I would have a separate meal.”  


As with many phobics, the phobic believes best way to be phobic free is to avoid your phobia. This creates strategies for the phobics to help them live their life as best they can. The problem with many phobias, including arachnophobia and Lees wet food phobia, its hard to avoid the thing your fearful off.


You also have to look at how you would live your life if you were phobic free? Does this wet food phobia stop you celebrating friends birthdays in restaurant? Is it awkward on a first date if she suggest a meal for two? Lee was quoted saying “I never seen any counsellors about the issue because I presumed it would be fine to live like this forever.”


For some phobics you can live with your phobia, without it affecting your everyday life. But if you have a phobia and it is limiting your life, you need to ask would I better off, using therapy to become phobic free?


As with all phobias, they grow until they are out of control which is why it is better to get rid of your phobia once and for all, as soon as possible. “When presented with something I didn’t want to eat it I would gag and feel as if my body would reject it if I were to consume whatever it was,” “I’ve had a fair number of comments about it from people over the years and this only served to heighten my anxiety about it.”  



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