Author Jennifer Tress Talks About Positive Self Esteem

Author Jennifer Tress Talks About Positive Self Esteem

This week talk about Jennifer Trees view on self esteem.

Jennifer is the founder of the website which she created in 2010, featuring stories of people who have struggled with body image and self esteem issues. And in 2013 published her book “You’re Not Pretty Enough.

Jennifer goes on to say “From a young age, we always center on looks – we tell children, ‘You’re so cute’ or ‘You look so pretty,’” Tress said. “We don’t talk enough about our kids’ accomplishments or interests in balance with other things. We use physical appearance as the easiest and laziest way to assess ourselves.” 

Jennifer also talks about the impact of social media on your self esteem and body image “If you look on those sites, you think, ‘Oh God, everyone’s living this amazing life. . . nobody’s posting those ‘I’m eating a pizza by myself’ moments.”

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Why Does Body Image Affect Our Self Esteem?

I work with many clients who have low self esteem. What happens at a psychological level is that we automatically compare ourselves to others.

As we tell our children “You’re so cute” over and over again as a child, this becomes a value – being cute must be important. Because we automatically compare ourselves, as we grow older we start to question ourselves. “Am I as cute as Michelle?”

The other factor that plays a big part in self esteem is our own perception. We may not actually believe you are more cuter then Michelle even if you are. Your comparison may be wrong but in your mind, in your beliefs you truly believe that others are cuter then you which in turn lowers your self-esteem, due to cuteness being an important value.

Read the full story here: author Jennifer Tress Encourages Positive Self-Esteem

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