Manchester NLP: What Is NLP and Its Benefits?

 What Is NLP and Its Benefits?


As super fast information exchanges happen through a single mouse click, you may have already encountered the term Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

If you cared to bother then you might have also asked yourself: what it is really?

The eternal question: What is NLP?

Let’s dissect the abbreviation:

• N or neuro is also the same as saying “the mind processes” • L or linguistic is leaning towards language usage and insights from it • P is programming meaning the way people are programmed to behave

Combine that and you’ll have a very wide-encompassing approach at hand. The word was coined by Dr. Richard Bandler back in the 70’s. It gained massive popularity due to its intended results. It was first developed as a form of intervention. And as such, from this simple definition, there had been changes to how it was done, especially depending on who’s conducting it.

Today it can either incorporate the tenets of hypnosis or become just a tool for personal life development.

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What are its Benefits?

Plenty. From a practitioner’s perspective, it can change lives and improve more in a course of weeks or months. And just as its definition, the perks of being an NLP empowered individual is just as diverse.

• It’s all about transformation – Whether your life is problematic due to a rocky relationship or you are devising ways to make your sales plan better you can transform yourself to perform better at life regardless of the need in that particular situation.

• Become a trainer, yourself – If you think it is your passion to educate, then learning how to train other people who would want an NLP exposure can be your real calling.

• Can help in business – NLP is all about changing the way you deal with people properly and this can benefit any manager out there having a hard time at his position.

• Excel in gaming – Sports enthusiasts need not worry since there are NLP courses that can even improve your tactics in every game possible – basketball, golf, swimming, anything!

In short, it is YOU who build your own experience of what NLP may mean for your life. Each seminar you’d get will help you become better at something in a lot of manners so there’s no need to rush nor be very systematic. You can even take courses that matter most, first.

How can one Learn NLP?

An interesting question that is easy to answer. If you search online, you’d find out more on the history of NLP and since its founder is still very much alive and kicking (Bandler), you can get the course directly from him or his team. As the originator, the tenets of NLP was imbued with hypnosis, which Bandler was also proficient at (he even has a book on how to use trance to transform your life).

But this isn’t limited to just him. There can be many other NLP practitioners out there in your area who offer a more practical approach at doing it to help you discover more about your life and then work to change it for the better.

But what all of them would tell any aspirants? You don’t learn as much as when you practice. So yes, if books and other reading materials can help bridge the knowledge gap, performing NLP in your life is a better option at education.

Still asking what is NLP? Here’s to hoping that this read has got you covered. Cheers!

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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