Katty Perry Overcomes Her Breakup Through Hypnosis

Katty Perry Overcomes Her Breakup Through Hypnosis

Katy Perry has recently split from her ex-boyfriend John Mayer. After finding out that Mayer cheated on her with Lauren McHale, she decided to part ways. Sources say Katy is devastated after the split and has now decided to use hypnotherapy to overcome the breakup.


The Problem With Cheats

For many who are in love, finding out that your partner has cheated on you can be devastating. In most cases you may not have any idea that your partner is out playing the field. One day you’re in love thinking of marriage, children and a life time of happiness, next you find out the truth about the cheating rat!

It can be hard, because love is such a strong emotion. Many clients, who come to me in Katty Perry’s situation, have split up with their partner years before, but they still can’t get the thoughts of their ex out of their head. Many stay awake at night, and everything you see, hear or do reminds you of the cheating ex.

Often the ex-partner has moved on, while you are left alone in self-pity. These constant thoughts become your barrier to creating new relationships.


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How Did Katy Perry Use Hypnosis To Overcome Her Ex?

A common technique hypnotherapist use top help people overcome their cheating ex is the “Falling Out of Love” technique.

Most people who still have their ex on their mind, interrupting their dreams, those who are still emotionally attached to their ex, tend think about the ex’s positives, the little quirks they liked about their ex. This keeps the memory alive and the fire still burning.

The falling out of love technique helps the client re-focus. Rather than focusing on the good times, the therapist will help the client focus on the negatives, the pain and all those small things that irritated you. When done through hypnosis, these thoughts, this new perspective becomes automatically. Soon the positive emotional link with your ex will be shattered, allowing you to forget about the ex-partner, letting you move on with your life.




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Falling Out of Love

This a brief explanation of the falling out of love technique. I have not added the relaxation part of the session prior to the technique, nor have I added the wake up.

  1. Prior to the session ask the client to write two list. One a list of all the things the clients likes about the ex, the positive memories, the good times. Write a second list of all the negatives, the bad times, the irritations. (the second list should be much longer then the first)
  2. In trance, ask the client to recall all the positive memories in a disassociated state. Get them to see the memories as pictures or photographs.
  3. Get the client to break state and then one my one bring up each negative memory, associate the client, get them to re-live this event, as if they are there. Use all the senses “what can you see, hear,…how do you feel” build up their negative feeling, anchoring these emotions to the memory of the ex.
  4. Go back to the good memories, and deepen the dissociation. Make the image black and white, push the image further away, turn down the volume, take away and delete any emotional attachment.
  5. Return to the negative, the irritations, the pain and build these up. Make the film big and bright, turn up the volume, use surround sound, make the film and I-Max screen, use Technicolor and make the client step in to the movie so they feel that they are there. Keep asking questions about the negative memory “how does that make you feel, now?”
  6. Keep repeating this until the client only recalls negativity when they think about their ex.




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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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