New Hypnosis Centre Opens In Guelph


New Hypnosis Centre Opens In Guelph



A new Hypnotherapy practice opens its doors in Guelph Ontario to provide leading-edge approaches to mental health and wellness for area residents.

GUELPH, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 22, 2014 / —

The Glen Tara Centre for Hypnosis and Wellness has recently opened it’s doors in Guelph. After two years of successful part-time practice in Hanover and North Wellington County, Phil Naylor – the Director of The Glen Tara Centre – decided it was time to take the business to another level and dedicate himself full-time to the practice of Hypnotherapy in Guelph.

Located in the offices of the Guelph Counselling Centre at 55 Cork St. E, Unit 302, the Glen Tara Center For Hypnosis and Wellness offers a full range of both conventional as well as alternative counselling approaches for achieving optimal well-being, mental health and peak performance.

“Our specialty is hypnosis but we take an integrated “mind, body, spirit” approach, viewing the individual from a holistic perspective and customizing our approach based on the individual needs and preferences of our clients.” says Director Phil Naylor, who is both a certified Hypnotherapist and a Masters level psychotherapy practitioner.


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 Phil has a solid background in the mental health field. He has a Masters degree in psychology and for the past 25+ years has moved through a full range of positions in the social service and mental health fields. He has held a number of senior management positions, has developed, managed and supervised a number of programs, clinically supervised an office of over 10 mental health practitioners and also worked as a mental health clinician, providing individual and group mental health therapy.

Phil’s true passion and skill as a therapist grew tremendously once he discovered hypnosis, however. “I found I could help people make changes much more quickly and effectively using hypnosis than through the conventional approaches I had been using. Hypnosis can provide truly amazing results.”

Although Hypnosis is most commonly known for it’s use in smoking cessation and weight loss, it can actually be used for a wide variety of issues. As well as being effective for all manner of mental health and related issues such as anxiety and panic attacks, trauma and depression, hypnosis can also be very effective in managing a number of physical health conditions. In fact Phil specializes in hypnosis for chronic pain management and in assisting in the recovery from major illnesses such as cancer.


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 There are many ways in which hypnotherapy can assist with the management of, or the recovery from a major illness. Being diagnosed and treated for a major illness can involve trauma, physical and emotional pain, treatment side effects, fear, anxiety, grief, loss of independence, self-esteem and self-concept issues, relationship issues… to name just a few of the possible life impacts of a major illness.”

“Dealing with trauma, pain management, stress management, reframing the “story” of your illness and the incorporation of healing visualizations and other techniques are all part of how we work with someone in recovery from a major illness.” says Phil, while noting that the approval of a physician may be required for engaging in work involving medical issues. 

For more information on hypnosis and the services provided through the Glen Tara Centre for Hypnosis and Wellness, you can call Phil Naylor at 519-803-2965, email him at or visit their website at
Address: 55 Cork St. E., unit 302, Guelph Ontario, N1H 2W7

Phil Naylor
The Glen Tara Centre for Hypnosis and Wellness
email us here




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