Mistaken Beliefs Always Keep You Away From What You Want In Life

Mistaken Beliefs Always Keep You Away From What You Want In Life

We human beings are blessed with a unique ability that discerns us from animals; the ability to believe. While animals function on instinct, we have this insatiable need to explain everything around us.  We always want to know the ‘why’ behind everything. This ability to think has led to the technological development that we enjoy. From the moment we are born we try to make meaning of our experiences. When we make the same conclusion or meaning of similar repeated experiences we develop a belief. In some cases if the experience is traumatic, it requires only one experience to develop the meaning.  The beliefs that you develop comes from your knowledge about what life is and while it may be beneficial it can also get in the way of what you want from life.



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Our beliefs are the result of a function of our mind. Our brain constantly scans the information that is fed into it through various sensory organs and it processes the information. This information is then compared with anything that matches any of our experiences and the similarities are then recorded. When there is a match the brain records this as a belief. So our beliefs are based on our past experiences. It is therefore obvious that when you are young your beliefs will be incorrect and limiting. For example, as a very young child, you may have believed in the tooth fairy. You may have placed your tooth under your pillow at night and may have seen a dollar in the morning. So you would have believed it. As time passed by and you learned how that happened you understood that it was a mistaken belief.


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Most of the important decisions that we make in our lives is based on our beliefs and we are likely to make wrong decisions based on our mistaken beliefs. For instance if you believe that you are not good enough at what you do, a small criticism may prove to be far more damaging. This is because this comment by someone supports your belief. It may just be a casual statement but you will think that it is the truth. Our life is nothing but the result of a series of decisions that we make based on our beliefs. Our beliefs have the potential to become our reality. Think about that for a second. Now think about your perception of yourself and you will understand why you think the way you do.


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We may have seen many people who have immense capabilities and all the avenues possible but they never make it big in life. On the other hand you may also have seen people who have many limitations and yet meet every success in life. This is a big contradiction, isn’t it? So what went wrong for the former and what worked for the latter? It is their belief that made all the difference. Those who had everything suffered from the ‘yes, but I still can’t do it syndrome. This is because of their lack of belief in their own capabilities.


Those with limitations had positive beliefs and they had the ‘yes, but I can do it despite my problems’ syndrome. Unless you change your mistaken beliefs you can never achieve what you want in life. Mistaken beliefs can manifest in many ways. You may disregard your potential; you may procrastinate your activities and even get frustrated. Identify your mistaken beliefs and disconnect yourself from it. Shift from that belief to a positive belief phase. You will notice that you are achieving more than what you used to.


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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